Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy

  1. These regulations specify general terms and conditions of the processing of personal information acquired though the Internet Shop (hereinafter referred to as: “Internet Shop”).
  2. The Owner of the Internet Shop and the administrator of personal information is Katarzyna Wojniak conducting the business activity under the name KAVOdesign Katarzyna Wojniak with its registered office in Warsaw (03-984), Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 8/81, NIP: 1132890149, REGON: 361522859, entered in the Central Registration and Information on Business conducted by the Ministry of Development.
  3. KAVOdesign is committed to protecting the privacy of customers visiting the website.

§ 2 How we collect the data

  1. KAVOdesign collects the information concerning clients.
  2. Personal information is gathered in cases of:
  1. registering in the Internet Shop
  2. placing an order in the Internet Shop
  3. subscribing to Newsletter

3. When registering in the Internet Shop, the Client provides:

  1. e-mail address
  2. address
  3. postal code and city
  4. country
  5. street name and the number
  6. name and surname
  7. telephone number

4. When registering, the Client provides an individual password himself. Client may change it later on, as described in Article 4.

5. When placing an order in Internet Shop, the Client gives the following information:

  1. e-mail address
  2. address
  3. postal code and city
  4. country
  5. street name and the number
  6. name and surname
  7. telephone number

6. In case of companies, the Client provides additionally:

  1. the name of the company,
  2. VAT ID number

7. When subscribing to Newsletter the Client provides the following:

  1. e-mail address
  2. the name

8. When visiting the Website of Internet Shop, KAVOdesign may also collect additional information, in particular: IP address, the name of the domain, the browser type, the operating system type.

9. KAVOdesign may also collect navigation data from the Client, including the information about the links, on which the Clients decides to click or about other activities performed in the Internet Shop.

§ 3 How do we use the collected information?

  1. When the Client registers in our Internet Shop, his personal information are used in order to creating an individual account and managing it.
  2. When the Client purchases, the personal information may be transferred, regarding the choice of the Client, to the following entities in order to deliver the product that has been ordered:
  1. courier business entity;
  2. InPost Paczkomaty Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kraków, providing services of Delivery and post office boxes (Paczkomat);
  3. Poczta Polska S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw. 

4. The navigator data may be used in order to provide the Client with better service, make analysis and adjust the Internet Shop to Client’s preferences and also to administer the Internet Shop.

5. In case the Client subscribes to Newsletter, KAVOdesign will send to his e-mail address the electronic messages, including information about discounts and new products available in the Internet Shop.

§ 3. Cookies mechanism, IP address

  1. The Internet Shop uses small files, called cookies. They are saved by KAVOdesign on the computer of the visitor, of the browser allows it. The cookie file usually contains a name of a domain that it comes from, its “expiration time” and individual randomly chosen number, identifying it. The information collected by these files helps to adjust the products offered by KAVOdesign to individual preferences and real needs of the visitors of the Internet Shop
  2. KAVOdesign uses two kinds of cookie files:
  1. session cookies: they are deleted from the device after the end of the browser session of after the shutdown of the computer. The mechanism of the session cookies does not let to collect any confidential information from the Client’s computer.
  2. permanent cookies: they are saved in the memory of the Client’s end device and they stay there till they are deleted or till they expire. The mechanism of permanent cookies does not let to collect any confidential information from the Client’s computer.
  1. KAVOdesign uses its own cookies in order to:
  1. authorize the Client in the Internet Shop and ensure the Client’s session after the login process. Thanks to this, the Client does not have to log in on every website of the Internet Shop
  2. analyze and examine and particularly create anonymous statistics that help understand how the Clients use the websites of the Internet Shop, which enables enhancing of its structure and content.
  1. KAVOdesign uses external cookies in order to:
  1. collect the general and anonymous statistical data with the use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics (the administrator of external cookies: Google Inc, USA)
  1. The cookies mechanism is safe for the computers of the Clients of the Internet Shop. This way it is not possible that viruses or other unwanted software is transferred to the computers of the Clients. However, the Client may limit or switch off the access of cookies to the computer. In case of using this option, the using of the Internet Shop is possible excluding the functions that by their nature require cookies.
  2. KAVOdesign may collect IP addresses of the Clients. IP Address is a number assigned to a computer of the visitor by a provider of Internet services. IP number enables the Internet access. In most cases it is assigned to a computer dynamically, which means that it changes by every connection to the Internet and from that reasons is widely treated as not personal identifying information. IP Address is used by KAVOdesign when diagnosing the technical problems with server, creating statistical data (i.e. demographics), as information useful when administering and enhancing the Internet Shop and in security reasons and the identification of unwanted automatic programs that browse the content of Internet Shop.
  3. The Internet Shop contains the links and the referrals to other websites. KAVOdesign is not responsible for their privacy policy.

§ 4. The access to information and security measures

  1. The personal information collected by the KAVOdesign are processed according to the Polish law.
  2. The access to the personal information gathered by the Internet Shop is possessed only by the entitled KAVOdesign workers.
  3. The personal information may be transferred to other entities, which is regulated by law or by a consent provided by the Client.
  4. KAVOdesign ensures the Clients that have the account, the permanent access to their personal information and possibility to modify them any time. The access and the modification are possible after logging in to Account in the Internet Shop.
  5. Client may delete the personal information from the data collection. KAVOdesign may refuse the deletion of the Client’s personal information, if he or she violated the Terms and Conditions of the Internet Shop and keeping the data is necessary to explain the circumstances and to determine the responsibility.
  6. In case of Newsletter subscription, the Client may delete his or her e-mail address from the list.
  7. In case a Client who has the account in the Internet Shop loses somehow the password, the Internet Shop enables generating the new password. KAVOdesign does not send the reminder of the password. Password is kept in a cyphered way that disables its reading. If you want to generate a new password you have to give the e-mail address in the form available in the link “don’t remember the password?”, given in the log in form. The Client will receive an e-mail containing the link to the place where they can set a new password.
  8. KAVOdesign never sends any e-mails, including e-mails requesting the log in information and in particular the password for the Client.

§ 5. The changes in Privacy Policy

  1. The Privacy Policy may change, and KAVOdesign will inform the Clients 7 days before entry into force.
  2. The questions regarding the Privacy Policy please send to:
  3. The date of the latest modification is 13.06.2017.