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What is KAVO?

KAVO is fine designer jewelry, designed and manufactured in Poland. When crafting KAVO, we use both modern, extremely precise cutting techniques and goldsmith traditional methods.

When will I get my order?

I send the package within 5 days after the order, most often it happens on the day I invoice the money, or the day after. Customized orders need more time to be processed – about 14 business days. The rest is the time of delivery, which depends on the place you live in.

Perfect Matt or Ideal Polish?

Perfect Matt is a kind of finishing of KAVO items. Ideal Polish means the surface polished like a mirror.  Here in KAVO we from the very begining prefer matt surface, which is rare, classy and elegant. Moreover, matt finishing looks great for a longer period of time.

What is your policy concerning returns and exchanges?

You can return your KAVO within 2 weeks since it was delivered and we will refund.

Jak trwałe jest KAVOwe złocenie?

Gold plating is coating one metal with another. Here in KAVO we plate Sterling Silver with thick gold coating. The plating is so thick that it will last a long time.

What materials are used in KAVO?

In KAVO we use fine precious metals – Sterling Silver, gold plated Sterling Silver and 14K gold.

How and where is KAVO made?

KAVO is manufactured 100% in Warsaw, Poland.

First, every idea is born in my head. Then I puor my thoughts into the graphic project, improve, improve, improve. And then, the graphic project is cut in the silver plate with greatest possible precision. Finally, the KAVO item is ready for the traditional goldsmith finishing.

What are the delivery options?

We send by post or by courier DHL.

What are the payment options?

You can make a traditional money transfer directly to our bank account or pay with Paypal.

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