KAVO is fine jewelry. It means it is made entirely of precious metals – Sterling Silver, gold plated Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
Every KAVO piece is crafted by hand and with lots of love. When crafting our little pieces, we combine both modern, extremely precise cutting techniques with traditional goldsmith methods. Below you can find the information on how to deal with KAVO to make it look excellent and last longer.

What to do to make KAVO last and shine?

1.Avoid contact with chemicals – perfumes, sprays, lotions, cleansers, as they can cause discoloration. Remove your KAVO pieces before house cleaning and body care.

2.All the KAVO pieces, but especially silver polished items, can get scratched, when in contact with other items in your surrounding. Protect KAVO from

3.Remember that silver, when left out in the open air, may tarnish or discolour. To prevent this, store your KAVO pieces in jewelry boxes or cases with the lid closed.

4. In order to clean your jewelry, use a soft clean cloth. We also recommend special jewelry cloth that can slightly polish the surface. Use them only with our polished items. KAVO with matt finish can be cleaned with the use of a special liquid for jewelry cleansing. When it comes to gold plated jewelry, we recommend cleaning it only with the use special liquid, as other methods can cause faster fading of the plating.

5. The color of gold plated silver jewelry may fade with time. It is a normal process. Tell us when it happens, we can always renew the plating.

We want your feedback. Let us know how it feels to wear KAVO. We want to improve for you.